Building A Vendor Network for Success in 2019

Building a relationship with the right contractors, vendors and suppliers is essential when it comes to finding success in the construction industry. The right network of partners will likely save you time and money when you need to get a job done. Having a pre-established network will help you avoid a long and arduous search, as well as eliminate the uncertainty that comes with hiring a new partner. So, what makes a good partner in 2019?

When you’re trying to identify a good vendor or supplier it is important to evaluate the relationship you have with them.

  • Are they easy to work and do business with?
  • Can they meet your flexibility needs for schedule changes?
  • Do you have a single point of contact to build a personal relationship with?

These are all important pieces of a vendor relationship. If they can’t meet the flexibility needs of your business or they are hard to work with, you’re only going to run into problems down the road. A good partner should provide consistent results, be able to meet your schedule, and should be someone you look forward to working with.


Having the right tools, services or products is important. But understanding how they work, and how they work with your business is of even greater importance. Look for partners that not only showcase their offering, but are able to show you the relevance of how it works for you and your team. A true partner will show you how their products or services fit within your operation and how to maximize their services to exceed your needs.


Beyond the relationship you have with a vendor, you’ll need to evaluate how well they do the job for you. A good vendor will seek out the right answer to your specific needs. They’ll also focus on providing quality in the job. This might include quality equipment or personnel and not just the cheapest option. A good partner should also be reliable. Are you able to share your needs on the job with them and trust they’re doing it the right way? If not, it might be time to evaluate your partnership. You should be able to trust that your vendor is going to do the job right and, if something does go wrong, that they’ll make it right.


Once you’ve identified a good vendor relationship and how well they do their job, it’s time to look into their investment in the future. It is important to find a partner that is dedicated to continuous improvement in the same way as your business. Are they investing in their own growth? You can look at their hiring decisions, the equipment they are buying or selling and how well they present their brand. Finally, a good partner should be anticipating your needs and not waiting around for you to call. This means they’re invested in not only their future, but yours as well.


Keep these things in mind as you analyze your contractors, vendors and suppliers you plan to use in 2019. Wilkerson Crane Rental knows the value of a strong partnership. Working to find success for our partners is a pillar of our business. It’s why we invest in training for our employees and put an emphasis on reliability by being flexible with scheduling and offering 24/7 emergency lift services. Wilkerson Crane Rental is always looking to grow and build strong partnerships. We don’t want you to take our word for it though, check out what our partners have to say! 

“We use Wilkerson Crane for their dependability, knowledgeable operators and same core values of integrity that my company has.” – Branch Operations Manager, National HVAC Contractor.

“Comfort and confidence is so important in the crane world. When I recommend or refer Wilkerson, I know I’m saving either my customer or potential customer a lot of legwork. I know Wilkerson has the equipment, experience, safety and the right attitude to take care of any lift.” – Dealership Manager – Heavy Equipment Sales

“I cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation enough. [Wilkerson’s Crew is] professional, skillful, and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with such professionals in my time of need. I appreciate everything your team was able to accomplish in such a short time.” – Maintenance Manager – National Cabinetry Company