Children’s Mercy ‘One Last Lift’

Children’s Mercy is such an important part of our city. So before taking down our tower crane, we wanted to do one last lift for the children. After talking to Children’s Mercy staff, deciding what to lift was easy.

With this year’s challenges in navigating the new normal, Children’s Mercy staff decided to get creative and plan a reverse trick-or-treat event. This event will allow the staff to deliver treats to each room while still providing the children an opportunity to dress up and show off their amazing costumes.

Pairing up with McCownGordon Construction, and a few of their other trade partners, allowed us to fill a basket with costumes, art supplies, and other goodies for this exciting event.  Children’s Mercy shared our exciting lift with the children via their internal channel and delivered goodies.
#TogetherLoveWill #RaisedRight