About Wilkerson Crane Rental

Wilkerson Crane Rental is located in Kansas City, Kansas and operates across the Midwest. Our cranes and crews can be found in states such as Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and more! Our services include operated crane rentals, bare rentals, heavy hauling, short-term storage, a staffed and certified service department and qualified crew to make sure your project is raised right.

Three years and 4,000 hours, that’s the type of rigorous training that Wilkerson’s operators go through on their way to becoming Certified Operators. Our operators have spent hours in the classroom and have taken apart and reassembled cranes enough times to know each and every piece of their equipment. Demanding training for our operators is just one of the ways that Wilkerson makes sure that our customers experience excellence on every project. Top notch training for our operators means top notch work on your project. Contact us today for a quote!

When the crane division of Wilkerson was going to be liquidated in 2013, Diana Holt knew the only option was to keep it open.  Diana sought the advice of a business consultant, developed a business plan and sought financing.  Wilkerson Crane Rental continues to grow its fleet and team to serve our customers with the best.

Raised right isn’t just a catchy saying at Wilkerson, it encompasses the 40-year history of Wilkerson Crane Rental. Not only do we raise our projects right, but we raise our entire family right and that family extends far beyond our team. It includes our customers. We treat our customers just like family because at Wilkerson Crane Rental our success is tied to your success.


ISO Certification

Wilkerson Crane Rental is currently working towards certification in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Our commitment to these standards resonate through our management system policy, which can be found HERE.



“I felt it was crucial to maintain the name. It had such a history in this area and a good reputation. It was important to me that our customers knew that even though we are new, we are still the same crew and equipment that has been providing their services for years.”    -Diana Holt



Diana Holt

Position: President/CEO


Jeff Holt

Position: Director of Operations


Fred Holt

Position: Director of Sales

Larry Smith

Position: Sales/Estimating