Wilkerson Crane Rental

Wilkerson Crane Rental is located in Kansas City, Kansas and operates across the Midwest. Our cranes and crews can be found in states such as Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and more! Our services include operated crane rentals, bare rentals, heavy hauling, short-term storage, a staffed and certified service department and qualified crew to make sure your project is raised right.

Three years and 4,000 hours, that’s the type of rigorous training that Wilkerson’s operators go through on their way to becoming Certified Operators. Our operators have spent hours in the classroom and have taken apart and reassembled cranes enough times to know each and every piece of their equipment. Demanding training for our operators is just one of the ways that Wilkerson makes sure that our customers experience excellence on every project. Top notch training for our operators means top notch work on your project. Contact us today for a quote!

Meet The Family

Raised right isn’t just a catchy saying at Wilkerson, it encompasses the 40-year history of Wilkerson Crane Rental. Not only do we raise our projects right, but we raise our entire family right and that family extends far beyond our team. It includes our customers. We treat our customers just like family because at Wilkerson Crane Rental our success is tied to your success.

Wilkerson Crane Rental - Diana Holt

Diana Holt

Position: President

Diana has never shied away from hard work, which makes her the perfect president for a hardworking company like Wilkerson. Diana ran her own free-lance carpentry business before taking on Wilkerson in 2013. Over the years, Diana had been to several job sites with Jeff and her father-in-law Fred.  She has always found the development process fascinating and is excited to be involved with the new development around her hometown. Diana’s hands stay full running Wilkerson. She works on marketing strategies, safety programs, maintains certifications and licenses, negotiates contracts, monitors liabilities, manages costs and keeps up with FMCSA requirements; and that’s not even a busy day! However, many say her most tedious job is to play referee between Fred and Jeff!

When Diana and Jeff found out Wilkerson was closing, they knew their only option was to keep it open. It was practically a family business at that point anyhow and with the Wilkerson name available, she knew it had to stay. “I felt it was crucial to maintain the name. It had such a history in this area and a good reputation. It was important for me that our customers know that even though we are new, we are still the same crew and equipment that has been providing their services for years. My goal was to create a seamless transition.” Diana’s favorite part about working at Wilkerson is the challenge and the opportunity to always learn something new. She enjoys being a part of her employee’s lives and hopes she can impact their lives as much as they impact hers. Working in this industry is not without challenges though. “Being a female in this industry is not easy, but I hope that by taking the path I have chosen, my kids will realize that it doesn’t matter what your background is, you can always change the future.” In her spare time, Diana enjoys watching her children play sports and loves being at the lake.

Wilkerson Crane Rental - Equipment - Jeff Holt

Jeff Holt

Position: Director of Operations

You could say Jeff is what keeps Wilkerson ticking day after day. Jeff started helping out in the shop the summer before he graduated high school. After graduation, Jeff became an oiler and after a couple of years moved on to be an operator. Jeff operated for 15 years before becoming the assembly/disassembly director. After Wilkerson’s liquidation and the new purchase in 2013, Jeff now handles field operations for the company while Diana performs all the ownership duties. Jeff’s day starts in the yard making sure everyone and everything leaves on time.  Jeff then heads to the mechanic shop to check in. From there Jeff handles some office duties such as building quotes and 3D lift plans. Jeff finishes his day by checking in on current job sites to ensure everything is on schedule and visits future sights to ensure the right equipment has been quoted.

There wasn’t much question for Jeff about entering the crane industry. His dad Fred has worked here most of his life and Jeff couldn’t wait to run a crane some day. “It just seemed like the natural thing to follow in his footsteps.” Jeff’s favorite part of working at Wilkerson is the employees and the camaraderie that comes from working with the same people. “In crane rental, you have to figure out ways to do complicated tasks on the fly and complete them safely.” Jeff also enjoys the pride that comes with doing great projects in their hometown. Jeff spends his time outside of work running kids to baseball events and when they get the chance, going to the lake, racing go-karts or shooting sporting clays.

Wilkerson Crane Rental - Equipment - Fred Holt

Fred Holt

Position: Dad, they say I’m a Sales Manager.

You might call Fred the legacy at Wilkerson. Fred began part-time in 1978 as a truck driver. Over the years he worked in several positions before becoming the Regional Manager. He’s gone through a few ownership changes since he started but always enjoyed working at Wilkerson. Fred’s day starts at 7:00 and he says “if you’re there at that time you’re late and if you’re early you’re on time.” His day consists of dispatching jobs with work orders to make sure everyone has the necessary equipment for the day. He also coordinates getting equipment to the shop for repairs and routine maintenance, keeps up with current customers while looking for new job leads and may even escort a crane to the job site because he enjoys working in the field every chance he gets.

Fred first entered into the crane industry because he enjoys working on equipment, being outside and disassembling cranes to prepare for transport. The variety of jobs is his favorite part. “Most of our jobs are different in a lot of ways. Figuring out how you’re going to do the job around different obstacles is interesting. Each job is different. You always have to be thinking about and looking for power lines, underground obstructions, FAA permits due to boom height, and several other concerns.” Outside of work Fred enjoys truck shows, boating, racing and keeping up with the grandkids’ activities.